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                                                                      Student Policies/ Expectations

Parent Expectations and Responsibilities

-Support the fulfillment of your child’s responsibilities. Consistency is the key to learning a musical instrument! This means showing  up to lessons, practice and performances.

-Encourage progress. Many small steps throughout the year yield big results!

-Remind your son/daughter of daily practice and help them to schedule this practice time in their daily routine. Better yet, have a  practice chart.

-Provide a practice environment that is free from interruptions (family, friends, TV, computer or phone)

-Communicate with the teacher about any questions or concerns you have regarding , practicing, festivals, recitals or lesson content. We're all music experts and are more than happy to answer any questions you have!



 Student Expectations and Responsibilities

Schedule 15-30 minutes of practice each day for at least five days per week. Two of those days must include the day of and following the private lesson. Remember: playing is not practicing!

Complete all assignments the teacher has written down on the assignment sheet. Practice steps are included/recorded verbally in the lesson, and on the lesson assignment sheet.

Review carefully any suggestions or instructions given in the previous lesson. Teachers will write the main goals of each assignment on your assignment sheet/email or

Arrive promptly at your lesson time. You reserve the time slot, not the number of minutes.

If questions arise, be sure to ask your teacher questions during lessons; We want you to understand the assignment and expectations.


Teacher Expectations and Responsibilities

Provide each student with the personal attention and respect necessary to develop his/her individual talents.

Guide each student to a greater understanding and enjoyment of music.

Guide each student towards an awareness of her/his capabilities – clearly communicating short-term and long-term goals. This may be verbal or written communication.

Encourage a feeling of success at each student’s individual rate of learning.

Guide each student towards Musical Independence and Initiative through a balanced program of theory, technique and repertoire.

Theory - studying the "grammar" of the language of music.

Technique - the physical mechanics of the instrument

Repertoire - a list of pieces to be learned based on standard classical, jazz and popular music essential to gaining an understanding and appreciation for music of many different kinds

Report the progress of the student to the parent, listen to any concerns and answer any questions that the parent and student may have.



The most important time for the student to practice is immediately following the lesson – or at least on the same day as the lesson, after the student has received instruction. Research indicates that retention rate is as high as 90% on the first day, whereas it drops to almost 60% if the students waits just 24-hours.

We at MMS say aim for six and expect five days of practice. If a student has 30 minute lessons, a good daily practice session would last between 15 and 20 minutes each day. If a student has a 45 minute lesson, a good daily practice session would last between 30 and 45 minutes each day. And if a student has a 60 minute lesson, a good daily practice session would last between 45 and 60 minutes each.

You get out of it what you put into it – what we require is consistency and the results speak for themselves.



For student cancellations with at least a 15 minute notice, your teacher can record and submit a full lesson plan through Due to our teachers busy schedules, student cancellations/reschedules cannot be guaranteed through a private lesson. If lessons are cancelled by the studio, you account will be refunded/credited in the amount of cancelled lessons.

Tuition/Discontinuing Lessons

Enrollment in auto pay in required for all students, sorry there are no exceptions. All tuition is non-refundable , payable at least 24 hours in advance of the first lesson, and automatically debited on the 1st of every month. Students have until the last week of the month to submit a formal notice of discontinuance of lessons in order to not be charged. 



Prompt drop off and pick up are expected. Parents are welcome to wait in the waiting area, or inside the lesson room.



Recitals and Public Performances

Each student is expected to participate in at least one performance per year. Please see calendar for more specific dates!




                                                                              Thank you for your support of the arts!



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